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There is a team of people out there growing everyday, seeking to create a more peaceful approach to conflict. What do they intend to do with this knowledge? Share it and help it become the toolbox for humanity.

Side 3 is a term used within this community and it means the "us". Side 1 & 2 are the primary groups involved in the conflict and side 3 is the rest of us. The ones who have more power than we know to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and unexpected way. What an incredible meaningful project I became a part of.

the path


Within this philosophy, the 3rd side IS the path to peace. It took a while but my 4th logo concept finally delivered this epiphany that the 3 would LITERALLY be the path. The brand owners saw it as their own Nike swoosh and it became appreciated for its depth of story yet simplicity at the same time.



You could say it's all about juxtaposition. A mantra of this peace-creating practice is Humble Audacity. By using a bold, clean-lined, straight-forward font treatment the audacity portion felt like it was delivered on. Once I started exploring this in all lowercase, I started to feel like we were getting somewhere. The apparent opposing approaches of the clean-lined, controlled font placed in contrast to the single paintbrush swoosh of an organically receding pathway spelling out the number 3 made me feel like we had a winner. We accomplished an enterprise look without going too corporate or too woo-woo.

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