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The company RISE was created to help the individual (teacher, craftsman, artist) get outside of the institutional systems. It offered a platform where trades, skills and businesses could be be discovered, marketed and transacted and offer the opportunity of growth beyond their expectations.

The logo mark bird is designed to capture the exact moment it is leaving the branch. The newness and hopefulness of an adventurous beginning, yet with the knowing that it is a bird, and fully capable of flight. Rise beyond your own expectations.

Why a bird?

A bird connects the see/say with the word RISE, yet with a tangible humanness. Birds tend to flock. They work, travel and hunt as a unified consciousness.


Why a finch? A finch doesn't intimidate, isn't stoic like an owl, it’s not overly heroic like an eagle, nor embellished or mythical like a phoenix. A finch is relatable and accessible, it’s the every is us! Physical expression. This is the instant the bird leaves the branch. That decisive moment where potential becomes actual. Legs still extended back towards the branch while the wings and body stretch out in full commitment, knowing it has all it needs to take flight. Designed to elicit feelings of newness, adventure, confidence and readiness.


Golden ratio
Scientific studies have shown that we perceive things that contain the Golden Ratio as beautiful, harmonious, and bordering perfection, even when we are unaware of it.

Creating shapes using perfect circles and angles based off even divisions of 360º, creates a peaceful, organized, and stable appearance.


There’s a saying, “Do what you love, and the money will follow”. When we follow our hearts, the universe Conspires to assist us, bringing synchronicity and abundance. So let's just say Do what you love and the second part is implied.

The sensation of love, and the action of love connects to the sensation and action of flying. A bird rising up, taking flight, DOING what it loves. The teacher base: they are answering a unique calling, healing modalities that are labors of love. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. The powering word being DO. Make it your career...DO it for a living, not just a side-hustle. The student base: you have things that you get out and DO them. Turn the loving of something into an action...get out and DO it.

RISE_Street Mockup1.jpg
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