Sillybird Design


Justin Stellman

"If you're considering working with Jessica, I cannot recommend it enough. She's so creative I only had to give her a rough idea and she nailed it on the first version. She's a pleasure to work with, extremely talented, creative like no other, and proficient at her expertise. We'll definitely going to be using her talents on all of our upcoming projects.

Sherri Jones

Account Director, LG&P

Have you ever watched a pot of water boil? You know how it starts out smooth, then grows methodically, and then it begins to evoke an energy. That energy percolates, it stirs, it’s intentional. It begins to realize its purpose and why it’s subject to this extreme heat and pressure. And then *boom* you have this intense, celebratory, ready-to-go-to-work moment when the water can now literally change the composition of anything it touches!

That’s what it’s like to work with Jessica. Jess brings life and purpose to her projects. Watching her work is inspiring. As a colleague, nothing brought me more joy than seeing the fire ignite in Jess’ mind, because you knew what followed would be nothing short of amazing.

I recommend Jess not just because of her creative energy, because without balance and discipline, that energy can be difficult to harness. And let’s be honest, we all have deadlines. Impractical, impossible deadlines. I recommend Jess because she’s realistic. She’s committed. She’s an excellent communicator, in art and in word. She’s a storyteller. And she will bring your story to life.

Gary Thormodsgaard

Owner, Thor-Man Immersives

Jessica is amazing- I’ve worked with her for a couple years on all types of projects: Posters, brochures, e-docs, POP/POS and the design for our Virtual VR Viewers pictured- shes get it!

Ryan Gonzales

VP Marketing,
John’s Incredible Pizza

Working with Sillybird has been nothing more than a pleasure. Jessica’s ability to take creative direction and deliver far above expectations from a design and service standpoint is second to none. She has a keen understanding of branding and infuses client’s creative DNA’s with innovative and cutting edge design. If you’re looking for a tier one brand and creative expert that understands how to infuse best in class design with the client’s enterprise objectives, you can spend the rest of your search scrolling through Instagram, because you just found her.